We Don’t Like To Brag But…

You could be getting results just like these happy clients!

“People generally consider me an organized person, and my house generally looks put-together.  However, when I first contacted Tanya I had several challenges to overcome which required her expertise, including:

  • Too much space to spread out our things meant that we could not put our fingers on them at a moment’s notice;
  • Different organizational needs, strengths, and weaknesses for different family members, which I had difficulty identifying and/or addressing on my own; and
  • Limited physical stamina and limited time to organize or declutter by myself.

Tanya helped with all these – and more – and she did so with complete professionalism.  She offered discreet, punctual, quick, flexible, courteous service at reasonable rates, with no judgments.  It was a genuine pleasure to work with her!” — Honey

“Tanya helped me go from overwhelmed to organized. She is so easy to work with and has a great sense of humor.” — Betty

“She helped me unclutter my extraordinarily cluttered basement. I hired Tanya to help me with a job that I saw as an impossibility. She was amazing. She helped me remove tons of garbage and old supplies that were clogging up my basement. I was too overwhelmed to even think about dealing with it. She helped me figure out a shelving system so that I could store all my supplies properly and have them fully labeled and identified for easy access. I had to get this job done within a short amount of time, and I was very please at the efficiency of the job and the time frame. Tanya helped me sell and donate the items that I no longer needed, and helped me with my focusing and getting the job done. I would not only recommend her but I plan to use her again.” – Happy Client #33

“She helped me organize my home from top to bottom within a couple of hours. Tanya Klein came into our home to help us organize and prepare our home for staging. She went through each room in the house with us patiently, and helped us decide which items needed to be put in storage, packed up for our move, or discarded. She was caring and dedicated, and we very much enjoyed working with her. By the time she was done, our home was in great shape from top to bottom. yes, I would highly recommmend her.” – Happy Client #76

“Tanya provided me with organization tips for my mudroom and playroom closets. Her ideas were so refreshing and new and really made me feel as though I had a handle on how to tackle my mess! Thank you Tanya!” – Happy Client #25

“She is reliable and organized! Tanya helped  me decide what to keep and what to throw away, without being pushy (I tend to keep more than I really should). :)” – Happy Client #15

“Working with Tanya is amazing! She is so friendly and is full of wonderful ideas to get your house more organized. I would recommend her highly to anyone with organization needs.” – Adiva

“Tanya helped me work on breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.  She gave me lots of tips on streamlining the process, organizing snacks in pantry, fridge and freezer.  Help organizing shopping for dinners.  Thanks Tanya!  I still have your schedule on my fridge and use it like a bible. Tanya is punctual, friendly and wise.  She fits your schedule and needs into your life.  She does what works for you and your family.” – Happy Client #45

“When I originally contacted Tanya Klein about home organization, I did not know what to expect. I am thank G-d, a busy mom juggling work and home responsibilities and over time my house got…messy. And cluttered. I do have regular cleaning help and although I knew I needed some help I did not know exactly how things would get in order.

In comes Tanya.

From the very moment I met her she exuded warmth, energy, a can-do positive attitude. We started working together and every session I was amazed at how much we accomplished each mere hour or two. The job went QUICK. Tanya is also extremely honest and would always make sure I got 60 minutes of every hour I was paying for. If a few minutes remained on the hour she always looked to do something more, even starting on the next big area. We not only got rid of clutter, we found organizing solutions that worked for the children’s toys, my home office, my husband’s Torah library, old clothing and more. The scary basement, an area I was always too intimidated to organize on my own, is now organized and a pleasure. All this in a matter of a couple of hours. Most essential, in helping a family organize their home, Tanya is extremely discreet and non-judgemental. Children are said to be the best character judges and my children immediately warmed up to her. They would ask me, “When is the organizing lady coming?” and looked forward to her arrival (often even waiting on the porch to greet her). I am so thrilled with Tanya’s services (I haven’t even mentioned yet how reasonable her prices are) and I am sure that you will be too! If you are interested in speaking to me directly, please let Tanya know and she will put you in touch with me.” –Happy Client #84

“I have an assistant that comes in regularly to help and keep the office organized… but the office is relatively small and the systems in place just didn’t work long term. Tanya came over, walked into the office, asked a handful of questions about how I operate to help her determine what the best methods of tackling the issues are, and within 15 minutes came up with a solution that we agreed was the best shot at getting it right. We went to Ikea the next week, bought what we needed and implemented that system. It not only looks amazing, it was exactly what was needed. Not only has the office been able to remain organized with minimal input, it looks and feels bigger too. There is more walking space, less clutter, and a Keurig easily accessible. It’s amazing! The remaining time was spent as needed and was great but what she came up with for the office just blows my mind.” — Josh

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