Meet Tanya. Professional Organizer Extraordinaire.

Driven by a need for order, Tanya is committed to creating spaces that allow life to be about living.

Using her extensive years of experience as an administrative professional in medical offices and nonprofits (and let’s not forget a full-time working mom of 8!), Tanya is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to staying organized.

After years of suffering from undiagnosed ADD, Tanya anchored herself by focusing on creating systems that worked for her.

Soon, the feeling of being utterly overwhelmed by her responsibilities was gone (see ya!) and she was infused with a passion for helping others achieve the same success.

Now, she works every day helping homeowners and small business owners overhaul their spaces and discover systems that work for their particular needs and loves every minute of it (especially those shocked faces at the reveal!).

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