Home Organization and Office Organization in Baltimore, MD

“Organized people save time and money, and reduce their stress and frustration levels.”

Life should be about more than just trying to get by – it should be about LIVING.

The best way to do that is to create a foundation of function and that is what Precision Organizing is all about.

By removing clutter and creating function, we focus on setting up our clients with realistic systems that help them live and work more efficiently – whether it is a busy office with drawers of files, a basement of toys that hasn’t been touched in years, or the kitchen pantry that can never quite stay orderly.

We understand that everyone’s lifestyle and needs are different which is why we consult with every client and only then develop a customized system based off of their needs.

Our creative strategies, positive energy, can-do attitude, and empathetic nature are the hallmarks of our business.

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Home & Business Offices

We understand how easy it is to get lost in the daily grind of running a business. Whether it is your home office or a cubicle-filled small business, our custom filing systems, creative storage solutions, and custom task management systems increase productivity and improve overall efficiency. There is no paper pile too high and no filing cabinet too full.

Additional services include monthly filing maintenance plans and more.

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Residential Living Spaces

Systems are the foundation of stress-free living. Without them, we end up wasting so much time and energy just trying to keep up. Whether it is a single closet or the entire house, we will conquer the clutter.

Not sure where to begin but just know you spend your days frustrated and overwhelmed? No worries! With every new client we begin with an initial consultation where you do most of the talking. We ask you to describe a typical day for you, what areas cause you the most frustration, and what your vision is for your space and your day so we can best determine your “hot spots” and where we might be the most effective for you.

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Closets & Storage Spaces

The dreaded closet. Whether it is a 50 year old storage space or busting toy closet, the only way to maintain a closet is by having a system in place that is simple and easy to maintain. We help you to audit your closet or storage space, remove the clutter, and create systems through custom labels, storage boxes, and dividers that help you avoid falling back into old habits. You will be surprised at the amount of space that will be revealed.

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Decluttering & Downsizing

Moving from a home into an apartment, an assisted living, or an RV to live out your travel dreams can be daunting. Through personal consultations and dedicated sorting sessions, we will not only help you to determine what to keep, donate or trash but also take into consideration the measurements and arrangement of your final destination to ensure that you can move into your new space with ease.

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Nursery Prep Package

Designed with expecting parents in mind, this package will help overwhelmed parents create the perfect little slice of heaven for their new bundle of deliciousness. You pick the room, we’ll make it happen. The package includes a phone consultation & space evaluation, 2 hours of Decluttering Services, 2 hours of Organizing Services, and 30 minutes of Personal Shopping (online) with custom product recommendations and more!

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Time & Task Management Systems | Personal Planning Systems

Many of our clients find that their struggles with organization in their homes carries over into their daily life such as with meal planning and home maintenance. We offer personal planning systems in these areas to help arm clients with the tools they need to not only manage these obstacles but conquer them.

Plus, we have developed tools for time and task management for both commercial and personal use so that your mind is as organized as your space.

Think this might be helpful for your staff or your students? We do speaking engagements and will custom tailor our content for your audience. Get in touch through the Contact Us section!

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